The UIL is equipped with modern research laboratories and instrumental facilities.

List of equipment

Name Responsible unitLocation
High Vacuum Confocal Sputtering System SPN VS-450 CAMRYA19 second floor
High Vacuum Thermal Evaporation System SPN VTE-400; VPM-05CAMRYA19 second floor
Physical Properties Measurement System Quantum Design PPMS® VersaLab™ Cryogen-free 3 TeslaCAMRYA19 second floor
SC-XRD (Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction) Bruker D8 Quest EcoCAMRYA19 second floor
Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance and Thermal Diffusivity / Thermal Conductivity Measuring System Linseis LZT - 800 ZT MeterCAMRYA19 second floor
Muffle Furnace Nabertherm LT 3/12CAMRYA19 second floor
High Temperature Furnace Nabertherm LHTCT 03/16CAMRYA19 second floor
Tube Furnace Nabertherm R50/250/12CAMRYA19 second floor
Drying Oven
Memmert UN110
CAMRYA19 second floor
Ultrasonic Horn
Labocon LUH-103
CAMRYA19 second floor
Glove Box Workstation Jisico J-924A CAMRYA19 second floor
Vacuum Chuck Spin Coater SPN VTC-100CAMRYA19 second floor
Centrifuge Hermle Z 206 ACAMRYA19 second floor
Fiber-optic spectrometer UV-VIS Ocean Insight FLAME-UV-VISCAMRYA19 second floor
Protein Purification System GE Healtcare Life Sciences ÄKTA™ StartHHLA19 second floor
High Performance Centrifuge System (Refrigerated) Beckman Coulter Avanti JXN-26HHLA19 second floor
Shaker incubator New Brunswick Excella® E25RHHLA19 second floor
Fume Hood Esco ADC-4B1 (2040042)HHLA19 second floor
Deep Freezer Binder ULTRA GUARD™ UF V 500 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer -86 degree CelciusHHLA19 second floor
Double Beam UV-VIS for Biotech Thermo Scientific Evolution 201HHLA19 second floor
Refrigerated Microentrifuge Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 RHHLA19 second floor
Nano Spectrophotometer UV-VIS with cuvette Implen NP80HHLA19 second floor
Vertical ElectrophoresisBio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Systems /PPAC BASIC [1658025]HHLA19 second floor
Horizontal Electrophoresis Bio-Rad Mini-Sub Cell GT / PP BASIC SYS [1640300]HHLA19 second floor
Waterbath Shaker Jisico J-SWB19HHLA19 second floor
ELISA Reader System SAFAS Monaco MP96-UVHHLA19 second floor
Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Kewaunee Interceptor INT-1400 (Class II, Type A2) HHLA19 second floor
Micropippette Eppendorf Research® plus, Adj., Single ChannelHHLA19 second floor
Pipette Controller Eppendorf Easypet® 3 (4430 000.018)HHLA19 second floor
Autoclave Tomy SX-700HHLA19 second floor
Analytical Balance Kern ABJ 220-4NMHHLA19 second floor
pH meter Mettler Toledo SevenCompact™ S210-Std-KitHHLA19 second floor
Sonicator Cleaner Elma S100HHHLA19 second floor
Vortex mixer Heidolph Reax top (541-10000-00)HHLA19 second floor
Freeze Dryer IlShin TFD8503HHLA19 second floor
Triple Dry Block Heaters Techne Dri-Block® DB200/3HHLA19 second floor
Drying Oven Memmert UN110HHLA19 second floor
Water Purification Evoqua Labostar® Pro TWF UV (W3T324338)HHLA19 second floor
Water Distiller with Storage Tank GFL 2004HHLA19 second floor
PCR Gradient Eppendorf Mastercycler® nexus gradientHHLA19 second floor
Icemaker Tomori AC-65HHLA19 second floor
Gel imaging system Uvitec New ALLIANCE Q9HHLA19 second floor
Lab Refrigerator Thermo Scientific PLR1006HHLA19 second floor
Lab Freezer Thermo Scientific PLF276HHLA19 second floor
Rocking Shaker Heidolph Duomax 1030 (543-32205-00)HHLA19 second floor
Refrigerated Centrifuge Beckman Coulter Allegra X-30R (A99471)HHLA19 second floor
Microspin Centrifuge Benchmark Scientific MC-12™ High Speed Microcentrifuge (C1612-E)HHLA19 second floor
Hot plate magnetic stirrer large capacity Jisico J-HSD330HHLA19 second floor
Ultrasonic Disrupter Tomy UD-211HHLA19 second floor
Rotary Vacuum Concentrator MV-100 Micro VacHHLA19 second floor
Dry Block Heaters Bisoan QBD-4HHLA19 second floor
Laminar Air Flow Labtech LCB-1101VE (Vertical Air Flow Type)HHLA19 second floor
Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES) Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO XP CLMAMA19 second floor
Organic Elemental (CHNS/O) Analyzer Thermo Scientific Flash Smart Elemental Analyzer CHNS/OCLMAMA19 second floor
Surface Area and Pore Analyzer Micromeritics Tristar II 3020 (P/N 302/00000/22)CLMAMA19 second floor
Double Beam UV-VIS for analytical Optima SP-3000DBCLMAMA19 second floor
Microwave Extraction Digestion System Anton Paar Multiwave GO 50HzCLMAMA19 second floor
Rotary Evaporator Buchi Rotavapor® R-100; Vacuum Pump V-100; Recirculating Chiller F-100CLMAMA19 second floor
Rotary Viscometer JP. Selecta ST-2020 L (P/N. 1001616)CLMAMA19 second floor
Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) Shimadzu, Type : IRPrestige 21CLMAMB18 first floor
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) FEI, Type: Inspect-S50CLMAMB18 first floor
XRF (X-Rat Fluorescence) PANanalytical Type: Minipal 4CLMAMB18 first floor
Gas Cromatography and Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS) Shimadzu Type : GCMS QP2010 PlusCLMAMB18 first floor
X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) PANAnalytical, Type: E’xpert Pro CLMAMB18 first floor
UV - VIS: Analytik Jena Specord 200 plus CLMAMB18 first floor
Scanning electron Microscope (SEM) PhenomCLMAMB18 first floor
Nanovoltmeter, AC/DC Current Source dan LCZ meter (Keithley)CLMAMB18 first floor
LCZ MeterCLMAMB18 first floor
Ultrasonic Cleaner Merk Power Sonic 405CLMAMB18 first floor
PCR/DNA Analyser Rotor GeneCLMAMB18 first floor
Ground Penetratting Radar (GPR)CLMAMB18 first floor
GeoelectricCLMAMB18 first floor
Autoclave TOMY Type : SX-500CLMAMB18 first floor
Centrifuge TOMY Type : MX-105CLMAMB18 first floor
Sputtering Emitech Type: SC7620CLMAMB18 first floor
Arc Melting Furnace RMF Type : Quartech 2800CLMAMB18 first floor
Ellipsometer Micropack Type: Spec-EI 2000CLMAMB18 first floor
Total Organic Carbon Analyser (TOC) Shimadzu Type: TOC-VCSHCLMAMB18 first floor
Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA/STS/DSC) Linseiss Type: STA PT 1600CLMAMB18 first floor
Metaverse based learning laboratoryDLIB15 first floor
Fun learning laboratoryDLIB15 first floor

Visual documentation

Below are the facilities in the CAMRY laboratory and the Halal & Health Laboratory in building A19. Other equipment is also available in other laboratories. Please see the websites of the Center of Advanced Materials for Renewable Energy (CAMRY) and Central Laboratory of Minerals and Advanced Materials (CLMAM).

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